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We are in the most transformational times K-12 education has seen in decades.  At the heart of this transformation is philosophically changing the way educational institutions are delivering instruction.  It is time we as educators begin incorporating tools kids use every day in their personal lives into the classroom.  It’s not about the device; it’s about changing instruction such that their devices enable learning to occur in a manner they are growing up with. 


During the course of my career in education, I have had the opportunity to implement both a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and a 1:1 program.  While there are significant differences in each approach, my experience implementing these programs has uncovered some foundational characteristics common between the two that will determine success or failure.


My book "Bring Your Own Learning" outlines the roadmap I have used in both implementations.  Whether your are planning, doing or considering this book will help your implementations.



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